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Complete Marketing Service.
Studio Iris is a full service marketing and design firm that works with selected clientèle. a translate our customers' vision into fully packaged sensory products.  Under the direction of award-winning designer and marketing expert Iris Alony, Studio Iris offers clients a professional experience grounded in the belief that each project -- no matter how big or small -- is a journey traveled by our client and our own firm towards the destination of successfully raising a business, brand, or product.
To achieve this kind of success we deploy high level marketing tools like logos, packages, catalogs, corporate branding, and complete awareness-generation campaigns. From billboards, to notices, to advertising “below the line”, to the latest trends in Internet and TV marketing, Studio Iris gets the message across.

Collaborative Creation.
A key feature of Studio Iris distinguishes us from the pack, we consider the creative process to be a collaborative one. While we at Studio Iris are experts in design and marketing, you are the expert of your own business and industry, and so only a process which begins with your ideas and knowledge as a premise can bring real success.

Word Design.
Words have power. But only when placed in the proper context and accompanied by hard-hitting visual design can that power yield measurable results. For this reason, Studio Iris begins each project with a strategy that joins the meaning of texts with the values of a company's brand and product. In short, we pay as much attention to the words we use as the designs which project them.

Who We Are.
Studio Iris founder Iris Alony graduated with honors (B.A.) from the elite Vital School for Design in the Department of Visual Communications where Iris' work was selected for presentation in leading design magazines.
Iris began her early years in design at Daedalus Design Studio and later moved to leading advertising firms Fogel Levin Ogilvy, Ofer&Herz, and Linial DDB.
As an art director, Iris has earned numerous awards for her commercials and design, including the Golden Cacti; Golden Cut; Designed In Israel; and New York Festival, among many others.

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